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"The process was very easy. I feel confident my taxes have been done correctly and would like to thank him for the peace of mind this brings me."

- Claire, Spain

"Clinton took the bottomless headache of the crypto [currency] documentation required for taxes, and condensed it to a simple set of instructions."

- Nathan, Saudi Arabia

"Clinton has been handling my taxes for the past 3 or 4 years. He's been a godsend! He provides clear and concise answers, excellent advice and amazing service. In today's political climate it's best to have all your bases covered with the IRS and Clinton's amazingly good at making sure you do."

- Rebecca, Panama

"Clinton prepared all the paperwork required and represented me whenever required to the IRS. He is extremely knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with."

- Sandy, Canada

"Clinton is very knowledgeable and saved me money with my tax return."

- Julie, Spain

"As a US expat working in Europe, I highly recommend Clinton Donnelly to help you file/declare taxes!"

- Danielle, Spain

"I had no idea about how to sort out my American taxes as an ex-pat living in the UK. Clinton made it easy and painless to get caught up on filing back tax returns."

- Skye, England

"He resolved my tax needs quickly and found discrepancies my last tax guys completely missed and saved me thousands of dollars in taxes. I wish I had found Clinton Donnelly years ago. Can't recommend him enough!"

- Emran, Texas

"Clinton's expert advice helped me utilize international tax treaties to avoid double-taxation by the IRS. I will continue using Clinton as my tax professional for the years ahead and would recommend him to any US citizen living abroad as well as any US citizen who is involved in trading cryptocurrency."

- David, Sweden

"I really recommend him to any American who is looking forward to sleep in peace regarding Tax Return filing in the States while leaving abroad."

- Rafael, Panama

"Not only did he simplify the process immensely, but he was clear, fast and professional. If you're an expat looking tax help, I strongly recommend connecting with Clinton Donnelly. "

- Max, Spain

"Clinton assisted me in handling a complex cryptocurrency filing, for several digital currencies including bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin. His support allowed me to benefit from the financial growth opportunity of cryptos while conforming with developing US tax laws. It pays to stay on the right side of the law, and Clinton made it as easy and straightforward as possible. Thanks, Clinton!"

- Marc, Nevada

"Clinton was extremely helpful at explaining with great detail all the peculiarities of my situation and was very timely at returning all of my emails."

- Ignacio, New York

"Clinton helped me a ton with cryptocurrency related matters on my tax filing this year. He works quickly and professionally and has a well-honed process every step of the way."

- Matthew, New York

"Clinton relieved the stress of figuring out the taxes due on my Bitcoin trading last year. He was efficient and timely. He answered all my questions related to my wallet and international tax laws on reporting."

- Todd, Arizona

"Clinton is very knowledgeable and has hands-on experience in dealing with international taxation matters specifically related to Canada/US reporting. Clinton was able to identify several mistakes in a prior return that was actually prepared by one of the Big 4 accounting firms."

- Umair, Michigan

"Clinton saved us money on our first encounter! "

- Deanna, Mexico

"Mr. Donnelly was extremely professional, answered any questions, and gives exceptional service. I appreciate the attention to details and the handling of my taxes in such timely manner."

- Rachel, Panama

"I highly recommend Clinton if folks have foreign businesses or accounts in a foreign land as he is well versed with these types of returns and masters them."

- Siddharth, Texas

"Clinton made my first year filing as an expat extremely easy and saved me a ton of money! I would highly recommend him for tax services."

- Tyler, Panama

"I highly recommend Clinton for preparing tax returns for anyone with international interests."

- Stuart, Texas

"Clinton took care of my tax return twice so far, and I’m glad he did. He provided excellent advises with a very smooth communication. "

- Mehdi, Switzerland

"He masters his area of expertise, I definitely recommend him."

- Stuart, Texas

"Clinton took care of my tax return twice so far, and I’m glad he did. He provided excellent advises with a very smooth communication. He masters his area of expertise, I definitely recommend him."

- Melissa, Panama

"[Clinton] demonstrated deep understanding in a specialized area of tax law and is helping me achieve a great result – we’ve been able to go back and fix 5 years of mistakes and errors made by previous advisors that created significant financial impact. He’s also taken less time to complete the same work previously done by a small group of professionals. I’d be happy to recommend him to any American living overseas."

- Aaron, Norway

"Clinton gave me great advice and insights on international taxation for my business!"

- Giorgio, Italy

"I thought do-it-yourself tax online tax preparation was straight forward but working with Clinton has definitely opened a new door for me."

- Erich, Singapore

"[Clinton] saved me thousands on my taxes this past year. He is wise beyond belief of the complexities of the tax code and he is also patient and concise in explaining it to the people who think the tax code is tangle of complexities."

- Patty, Digital Nomad

"But what really makes working with Clinton special, is his personality. He's been absolutely charming, and charismatic. Clinton's a world traveler and digital nomad, which is pretty awesome!"

- Ahmad, San Francisco

"Clinton is extremely clever and truly knows the law environment you are working in. In our case, he even reviewed international tax treaties to improve our tax report, which ended up saving us a lot of money in taxes."

- Santiago, Venezuela

"I went through a dozen accountants, CPAs, and accounting partners. None of them were able to get my taxes filed, and after much searching and frustration, I finally found Clinton."

- Benedict, Germany

"I went through a dozen accountants, CPAs, and accounting partners. None of them were able to get my taxes filed, and after much searching and frustration, I finally found Clinton."

- Ashray, Portugal

"Highly recommend to all USA ex-pats."

- Robert, Panama

"He's very professional, explains things in a clear manner and has a system set up which makes it far easier to communicate via the internet, which is important to us since we live in a different city than Mr. Donnelly does."

- Karin, Panama

"Without any hesitation, I recommend that anyone with a US tax issue and who is “technologically and paperwork challenged”."

- Mary, Panama

"For months I tried tracking down an accountant or anyone who had the experience and brain to be be willing to do the work and help me out with my situation. So I contacted [Clinton] - 15 minutes later he had the information I needed to sort everything out!"

- PascalKorea

"If you are an American expat it is imperative that you speak with Clinton about your situation before the IRS gets ahold of you. The IRS wants your money. Clinton can show you how to keep the IRS off your back and put more money in your pocket. Highly recommended."

- Chuck, Panama

"He is thorough, compassionate and above all, competent. I very much admire his vast knowledge of the U.S. tax system and especially in the area of tax reporting and its potential liabilities facing many expats."

- Rudi, Panama

"If you have distributed assets and income or are concerned about succession planning, Clinton will accurately guide you through the legal minefield of international laws taking into consideration your country of residence, source of income, source location of income, citizenship, time in country as well as other factors to determine your tax status and I trust his guidance implicitly."

- James, Colombia

"I would highly recommend Clinton for anyone working overseas and specifically anyone looking to utilize the Foreign Earned Income Tax Exemption. I simply cannot say enough good things about Clinton and have recommended him to numerous people."

- Michael, Hong Kong