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Donnelly Tax Law provides special products to for Americans with assets abroad and cryptocurrency owners. These unique tax and education products to meet the needs of our market.

Our products include

10 Steps to a Great Crypto Tax Return

This book was written out of passion for crypto-traders who were filing their tax returns incorrectly - making themselves vulnerable to IRS examinations and penalties. This book shows how to prepare your own tax return using consumer tax software. It explains how the IRS will select returns to examine, and how to reduce your chance of getting selected. This book is an absolute must for every trader to be safe and sleep well at night.

8275 Disclosure Statement

Receive a copy of the latest version of the 8275 Disclosure that Clinton uses for crypto clients. Having a form 8275 puts the burden of proof on the auditor to discredit your assumptions. These assumptions are based on reasonable positions and explanations of reporting on forms 8938 and 114(FBAR). They address account numbers, unknown balances, exchange rates, addresses, wallets, forks, FIFO methods, wash sales, PFIC taxation, derivatives, like-kind exchange and more.

These services include but are not limited to:

  • Form 8275 Disclosure Statement
  • Provide legal authorities for major points
  • Provide instructions on how to complete the form
  • Receive all updates of the statement during the tax season

Click here to get more information about 8275 Disclosure

Cryptocurrency Taxes

Cryptocurrency Tax Reporting

Preparing a great crypto tax return requires understanding how the IRS will be auditing crypto tax returns. With his experience resolving client tax problems and audits, Clinton wrote a book called 10 Steps for a Great Crypto Tax Return. The methodology focuses on making sure a return is complete by anticipating how the IRS decides who to examine.

If you need help reporting past crypto activity, correcting past returns, or if you got a letter from the IRS, then contact Clinton. His team has done over 600 tax amnesty returns, saving clients a fortune, and protecting what’s theirs.
Clinton is widely respected for his crypto tax reporting expertise. He is a tax law advisor to several of the crypto capital gains tax services and a US exchange. Get his expertise on your side.

Foreign Earned Income Exclusion: How to Avoid IRS Audits of Form 2555

Americans living abroad can reduce their income taxes by up to $21,000 by excluding foreign income. 50% of foreign filers claim this exclusion. While other tax books merely describe this tax break, this book, Foreign Earned Income Exclusion, digs deeper showing you how to avoid audits, so you can sleep better at night. This unique, definitive resource provides you with the complete legal information to get the biggest tax breaks. Donnelly shows:

  • 66 audit risks to avoid when completing the form 2555
  • 27 checkpoints to defend your foreign tax home claim
  • The 19 types of foreign earned income to maximize your savings
  • How to legally avoid the stiff self-employment tax when working overseas
  • How the IRS can get foreign tax authorities to disclose information about you
  • Learn how a United Nations treaty redraws the world map used by this exclusion
  • 3 strategies for picking the twelve-month test window
  • Two other strategies that can save even more money than the foreign earned income exclusion
  • Learn from 300 tax court cases excerpts showing how the law is applied to real people
  • Plus, the complete text of the tax law and regulations on this exclusion

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